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Here is a look at the top trends in biotechnology to look out for in 2018:

#1 Biotechnology News & Updates: Personalization of medicines

The biotech industry has been through two eras of target customers – firstly doctors as target customers and the second being insurance companies as the target customers. The industry is now on its way to enter the third era- the consumer era. What is influencing such trends in biotechnology? One of the main reasons for this change is the rise in the number of people showing interest in the drug industry due to the growing focus on individual medicines. For instance, today some cancer treatments use drugs that are specifically made for each patient. Therefore, personalization is one of the most popular biotechnology trends to watch out for this year. Gaining a greater understanding of the human genome and our own biology will bring more opportunities to create individual treatments in future.

#2 Biotechnology News & Updates: Silicon biology

All technologies and products evolve back and forth from a vertical, integrated structure to a horizontal, modularized structure. Currently, the biotech pharma environment is highly integrated, although parts are increasingly modular. However, there are very few technology suppliers with almost the same market power as integrated pharma and biotech companies. Eventually, organizational and technological forces will push towards horizontal and modular structures due to niche competitors attacking distinct industry segments. Modularization is one of the most promising trends in biotechnology. Though biology is currently thought of as too complex for silicon-type modeling, mass amounts of data combined with an exponential increase in computational power could work in favor of the industry.

#3 Biotechnology News & Updates: Recruitment for specialized skill-sets

Rising demand for specialized and skilled workforce is one of the popular biotechnology trends. Therefore, there is a recruitment boom in the biotech sector, and this is going to be a continuing trend in biotechnology throughout 2018. People are now moving from established companies to better opportunities that look promising in new biotech ventures. This will result in increased fluidity between small biotech companies and big pharmaceutical companies. 

#4 Biotechnology News & Updates: Safeguarding quality

One of the concrete trends in biotechnology that was prevalent in 2017 and is expected to make its way through 2018 is the fact that biotech ventures are looking to control early development to avoid sub-optimal products on the market. There has been a boom in funding in this sector over the last two years. This has filled the drug pipeline and brought a significant number of drugs to the public, but many of them are sub-optimal. This year, there will be more of a discerning eye from pharma companies to ensure only top-level drugs are brought to market.